Family Time Over Dessert and Cards

You may have heard the saying “A family that prays together, stays together” and I believe it’s true. In this day in age, it’s a rare find to see a family gathered around the table to pray and eat and enjoy one another’s company. We get too busy. We opt for entertainment in things instead of one another. We don’t place importance on this sacred time of knowing one another, encouraging one another, and just plain having fun together. And we are missing out!

I loved capturing the Glaszczak Family as they ate and laughed and played games on a Saturday afternoon. It was a typical family gathering for them that will be forever remembered and documented thru photography and video. 

“If the home is a body, the table is the heart, the beating center, the sustainer of life and health.” Shauna Niequist

A Few Favorite Images From The Session…

What The Client Says…


“We are thrilled with the photos and video that Missy made for us! She was able to capture us doing every day things like sharing a meal and playing a game, and we will be able to look at these for years to come. We cherish having these wonderful memories documented.”