My heart is to find the beauty and nostalgia that is often missed in the “ordinary”.

I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day. All I wanted was a picture with my firstborn, him happily smiling and me blissfully glowing. But the day got away from us, the sun was setting, we were due for a nap, and I was anything but put together. I told my husband to grab the camera anyways, hoping I could get a lucky shot. And then this happened….a true picture of motherhood emerged. And I love it.

I found that the family pictures I enjoyed most were not the overly processed or “perfect” ones.

And so I set out on a journey to document my family in a way that would be a collection of our memories together. Month by month through pictures and videos I stopped to capture the ordinary and everyday. The things that we rush past or don’t stop to notice. And I’m so thankful I did. A year later I can look at these photos and see my son grow up right before my eyes all over again. I can relive those days I had already forgotten.

So many people have told me “I wish I had pictures like that of my family!” and I realized that I could help.

I decided then that I would take my years of photography experience and move my business into a new direction.

 To say “no” to posing and perfection and “yes” to authenticity and real-life moments. To create pictures of your family that will make your heart leap with joy. I’m confident you will love the images and they will become even more precious as each year passes by.

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Little moments may seem mundane.

Look deeper and you will see those moments turn into bright memories that will last a lifetime.

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