St. John Family

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Project Description

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

It was the season for pumpkin patches, cider donuts, and hay rides.  A yearly tradition for the St. John Family and they wanted to document this day through photography and video.  Some may ask: why would you hire someone to follow you around with a camera for this?  And the answer is simple, yet profound: Because they are together.  Because they are making memories, wanting to savor this season. These ordinary days are actually the extraordinary and an iphone doesn’t do it justice. These are the moments they want to remember in 20 years.

A Few Favorites From Our Session…

What Mom and Dad are Saying…

“The way Missy is taking photos and video, documenting families simple but favorite memories, is a very special gift that we get to benefit from. We may forget these memories as the years pass but we will luckily always have the videos and pictures to remind us of these special moments. Missy documents these memories in a way that is total natural which makes it fun to look back and see the personality of our son at different ages in the photos, rather than a staged/stiff photo. AND her videos! Everything about them gives you chills! Every shot she takes, every expression she catches and the perfect selection of music she makes. Missy’s talent is a gift to everyone who gets to experience it!”

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